Case Study:Beijing Intelligent Starshine


As a world leading data service provider, Beijing Intelligent Starshine is dedicated to providing high-level service platform of data mining and information precision globally. Beijing Intelligent Starshine is also the largest public opinion and unstructured big data application service provider in China. It has large-scale data centers, over 90 billion data items, 180 million new data items adding per day and over 20000 customers.


Because some needed data is distributed in North America, Beijing Intelligent Starshine need build its analysis application system in North America. Considering the elastic compute performance requirements, scalability and High-availability requirements, and the low IT engineering requirements, AWS is finally chosen by Beijing Intelligent Starshine to build the system.
The analyzed data need be transferred back to China office, and to guarantee the data transmission performance, AppEx CloudWAN service is used.
Figure 1 - Solution Logical Topology2.png
Figure 1 - Solution Logical Topology
Both Beijing and AWS US are connected to CloudWAN POPs, so that the data will be transferred through CloudWAN core network. CloudWAN POPs are deployed on EC2 instances in different AWS Region and Availability Zones to guarantee a reliable service.
Compared with the traditional VPN over Internet solution, CloudWAN can accelerate the cloud access and data transfer obviously. The download speed (from AWS US to Beijing office)has over X16 improvement and the upload speed has over X24 improvement. Detailed test data is as follows:


 High-Availability: AWS Auto Scaling and Multi AZ make cloud-based application and AppEx CloudWAN service more stable and reliable.
 Expand-on-Demand: AWS flexible expansion and billing feature can deal with customer’s variable usage in real time.
 Fast and Reliable Cross-Border AWS Access: With CloudWAN optimization, the cloud-based application response time can be dramatically reduced and data transfer rate can also be improved.
 High-Security: AWS provide reliable IT security and customers can define the security policies based on their own requirements to protect the application or data storage. And all user traffic being transferred via CloudWAN is encrypted by IPSec, which guarantees data transmission security.
 Easy to Use: AWS covers the most IT operation tasks so the customers, including the solution providers like AppEx, can focus on their own business without concerning the traditional IT problems.

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