Case Study:TuSimple


Founded in 2015, TuSimple is an artificial intelligence company on the cutting edge of the autonomous trucking industry. With rapid development in the past three years, TuSimple has made a big achievement in the industry of autonomous vehicle. Headquartered in Beijing, China, TuSimple also has the United States headquarters at San Diego, California and product&testing facility at Tucson, Arizona.
To improve working efficiency, TuSimple deployed an ERP system at its office site in Beijing, China. However, as the number of TuSimple’s employees increased, the maintenance and expansion of the ERP system became more difficult for its IT team. Meanwhile, due to adherent packet loss and latency issue over cross-border Internet, the staff who were on business trip in the North America and Asia always suffered from slow connection and data transfer when accessing the ERP system.
To solve TuSimple’s pain point, AWS and AppEx Networks Corporation (AppEx) provided a cloud-based enterprise application deployment and access solution.


A cloud-based ERP system server is deployed in AWS Singapore for TuSimple’s staff to access from North America and other countries in Asia.
AppEx CloudWAN service is used to guarantee:

  1. The fast and reliable data synchronization between Beijing and Singapore
    In AWS Singapore, a pair of CloudWAN virtual CPEs (vCPE) are deployed on Amazon EC2 instances in the same Amazon VPC where the ERP system server is deployed. Meanwhile, a pair of hardware CPEs are also deployed in BeiJing office. CloudWAN CPE is used to access CloudWAN core network and transfer the synchronization data traffics through CloudWAN core network. And the dual deployment guarantees High-Availability, if one CPE is down, the other one will take over the traffics.
  2. The access efficiency from North America.
    The access efficiency from North America to Singapore is still unsatisfactory, so AppEx gives a proxy solution based on CloudWAN services.
    AppEx deploys edge POPs in AWS US West to take over the redirected access from the North America clients by using Global DNS Resolution, and then transfer the traffics to Singapore through CloudWAN core network. To guarantee the High-Availability, the edge POPs are deployed in an Auto Scaling group behind AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). By utilizing AWS Auto Scaling mechanism, edge POPs can be expanded or released automatically based on the volume of user traffic. Meanwhile, edge POPs are also deployed in multiple Amazon Availability Zones to ensure uninterrupted AWS service access if one Availability Zone is down.
    With CloudWAN optimization, the user experience of ERP system access from North America can be improved significantly.
    Figure 1 - Solution Logical Topology.png
    Figure 1 - Solution Logical Topology


 High-Availability: AWS Auto Scaling and Multi AZ make cloud-based enterprise application and AppEx CloudWAN service more stable and reliable.
 Expand-on-Demand: AWS flexible expansion and billing feature can deal with customer’s variable usage in real time.
 High-Quality WAN service: With dynamic path selection technology, CloudWAN can provide the “shortest path” for data transfer based on SLA. Meanwhile, CloudWAN Real-time TCP tunnel (RTT) can also accelerate data transfer significantly when packet loss and unstable latency happen on the network path.
 High-Security: AWS provide reliable IT security and customers can define the security policies based on their own requirements to protect the application or data storage. And all user traffic being transferred via CloudWAN is encrypted by IPSec, which guarantees data transmission security.
 Easy to Use: AWS covers the most IT operation tasks so the customers, including the solution providers like AppEx, can focus on their own business without concerning the traditional IT problems.
 Cost-Saving: Compared with traditional MPLS and dedicated line solution, CloudWAN can save up to 50% enterprise WAN cost.

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